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Solar Energy
Installers & Partners

100% renewables for your customers

Guide your customers through the energy revolution with expert support and offer them flexible overall concepts. Our wide range of products & solutions for homes and businesses makes this possible. See for yourself.

Dan Margit-Bako - Bellamy Electric

"I'd like to start off by saying that myself and Anvil Crawler have had an awesome experience with the Fronius Service Provider program since being enrolled last summer. The Fronius Solar.SOS tool has been integral in meeting our service needs, whether it be submitting a claim, requesting replacement parts, or just general troubleshooting when it comes to inverter state codes. I am glad to be part of the FSP program and look forward to continuing our relationship with Fronius."​

Boomerang Energy

"There is product support and then there is Fronius product support. As a former manufacturer supporting contractors, and now myself as a contractor, I can say with complete confidence Fronius Tech Support gets to the point, responds quickly, despite challenging circumstances. Their tech support once wrote back to me while they were working on a roof knowing I was on site myself. They even made after hours arrangements without any hesitation to support one of my more remote installs and despite wireless communication challenges, remained generous with their time. If you are concerned about after sales service support look no further than Fronius and their support team! - They know who is in the line of fire and will have your back!"

- Steven Weagle

Charge Solar

"I just wanted to say that the Fronius support has been amazing lately.  I believe it has a lot to do with Harsha.  I think he and his team are doing a great job delivering timely and accurate information.  I feel this is a key step in helping us promote Fronius inverters into all the systems we sell. Harsha has always acted politly, been straight forward and responded in a timely manner.  A few weeks ago he stayed an hour after work to help one of our installers finish fixing a site.  I hope he continues with you and continues with his efforts the support side." - Ed Knaggs


"A whileback I was working with Harsha on a site troubleshoot which he was able topinpoint the issue on site down to a jumper being in the wrong spot.  Hehas been very refreshing to work with and has gone above and beyond with thetechnical services that Fronius offers.  I have been very impressed eachtime I’ve talked to him and hope that he’s being rewarded and looked upon as aleader within your team." - Brian Douglas

Green Sun Rising Inc.

“Green Sun Rising Inc. has used Fronius inverters across Canada for many years. We appreciate the excellent technical support of the Fronius Canada team, particularly when developing and implementing PV projects in the demanding weather of the Canadian Arctic. The Smart Meter product and Solar.web enables monitoring of generation plus consumption. It also enables limiting power export of the microgrid for stability.

The snap-in design makes installation and service simple and easy. These capabilities are utilized on projects in Sach’s Harbour NT and Kugluktuk NU, where the temperature reaches -40oC. The confindence in Fronius product and support is key for us to implement projects in remote arctic communities successfully.”

Rose Valley Colony - Saskatchewan

"We at Rose Valley Colony are very happy with the Fronius Inverters and are more than satisfied with the service we have received . The system has been operational for 13 months and has functioned flawlessly. We at RoseValley Colony would recommend these Fronius inverters to any one that wants to put up a Solar Farm and are are more than happy with the service and the professional way Fronius conducted their services!" - Sam Kleinsasser

Al Darrach - AGD Solar Halifax

“AGD Solar over the years has installed various brands of inverters. Although all are very reputable brands, our company decided to standardize on the Fronius Family. The reasons are:

  • Easy to install
  • Built-in DC Disconnect
  • Simple Configurator for panel array sizing
  • NO issues after installations
  • Easy to program
  • User friendly web software

Although the above is very important, the main reason we finally decided on Fronius the technical support. We were offered great support and training, with an amazing response time to our questions.”

Products & solutions

Residential energy solutions

With our wide range of Fronius solutions, households can be fully supplied with renewable energy. Offer your customers individual energy concepts with our products & solutions.

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Commercial energy solutions

Discover our solutions for commercial & industrial enterprises and offer your customers individual overall concepts. With our cost-effective inverters as a basis, companies can be fully supplied with renewable energy.

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Monitoring & digital tools

Save time and money with our digital tools: monitor systems online, start service processes conveniently via your smartphone and complete system planning with just a few clicks.

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